IaCMA Mentorship Program

The “IaCMA Mentorship Program” provides an opportunity for aspiring managers to gain advice and insights from senior local government executives who provide volunteer support. 

What does “One-to-One" Mentoring cover? 

It’s open-ended and informal. The aspiring manager sets the agenda. As an aspiring manager, how would you like to benefit? Maybe you’re looking for general career advice. Or, perhaps, you face some decisions and would value another perspective. Or, you may simply want to expand your network and receive better insight into the opportunities and challenges of local government executive leadership. Think about the various ways in which you’d like to benefit.  A volunteer coach isn’t expected to have all the answers. Rather, he or she will help you find the answers that are right for you. 

What commitment is involved? 

It’s up to the aspiring manager and the volunteer coach. We recommend that you have a clear understanding about your relationship so that it’s mutually rewarding.  The Statement of Mutual Understanding offers some items to discuss (confidentiality, topics of interest, availability, etc.) once you’ve found a match and decided that the chemistry is right to continue.

How do I find a match? 

Do you want someone in your area to meet with in person or are you interested in someone outside the area and plan to communicate by phone and email? IaCMA can help team you with a prospective mentor. Contact an IaCMA Range Rider or send an email to mickeyshields@iowaleague.org.

 What do we do when it’s time to change the relationship?

The coaching arrangements are voluntary and either the volunteer coach or the mentee can change or end the relationship. We simply ask that you inform one another of the change in circumstances and give thanks for whatever you have gained together.