About the Emerging Leader Award and Winners


IaCMA’s Annual Awards program honors creative contributions to professional local government management and increases public awareness of the value of professional management to the quality of life in our communities.  The Emerging Leader Award is presented to a local government and the chief administrator or assistant chief administrator in recognition of his/her innovative and successful programs. 


In 2006, IaCMA’s Awards Evaluation Panel, with approval from the IaCMA Executive Board, developed the Emerging Leader Award category.  To be considered for the Emerging Leader Award, the local government’s chief administrator must be a full (voting) IaCMA member*.  Eligible candidates must be:


  • First time in the position, and have 5 years or less experience as a chief administrator; or,
  • First time in the position, and have 7 years or less experience as an assistant chief administrator


*IaCMA full (voting) members are employed as the chief appointed administrative officer, assistant administrator or administrative assistant in a municipality, county or regional entity.  The position must have overall management responsibility and be appointed or confirmed by the legislative body, the elected chief executive and/or the chief appointed administrative officer. 

Emerging Leader Award Winners


Aaron Budweg - 2023

Jacob Tjaden - 2022 

Cori Burbach - 2021

Dylan Mulfinger - 2020

Kyle Michel - 2019

Nicholas MacGregor - 2018


Angie Charipar - 2017


Amanda Kaufman - 2016


Laura Graham - 2015

Chelsea Huisman - 2014

Matt McQuillen - 2013

Larry Burks - 2012

Josh Heggen - 2011

Doug Boldt - 2010

Luke Nelson - 2009


Jason Metten - 2008

Elizabeth Hansen - 2007