About the Joe Lukehart Award and Winners



The Joe Lukehart Professional Service Award was created to recognize outstanding contributions to the development and support of the city management profession in Iowa. This award is named in honor of Joe Lukehart, who served as president of the Iowa City Management Association in 1981-1982. Joe served as city manager in Webster City from 1974 to 1982 and played an instrumental role in enhancing the professional development efforts of Iowa’s city managers and assistants. Throughout his career, Joe untiringly demonstrated his deep commitment to the city management profession, the manager form of government, and his colleagues in the Iowa City/County Management Association. During his tenure as President, the association reviewed the mission and established plans for enhanced development programs and membership services and thereby, initiated what has become an ongoing process.


The award is presented to individuals who have promoted or enhanced the city/county management profession in Iowa, and who have made outstanding contributions to the Iowa City/County Management Association. Additionally, the award is given to individuals responsible for promoting the professional development of Iowa’s City/County Management Association, and is presented during the Iowa Municipal Management Institute. The Joe Lukehart Professional Service award is not presented on an annual basis since it is designed to recognize exceptional contributions to the development of the city/county management profession and the state association.

Joe Lukehart Award Winners


Beth Bonz - 2024


Sandi Fowler - 2023


Bob Josten - 2022 


Chad Bird - 2021


Kelly Hayworth - 2020 

Carl Metzger - 2019


Lon Pluckhahn - 2017


Dick Hierstein - 2016


Kandi Reindl - 2015

Gerald Clausen - 2014

Jeffery Mark - 2013

Marketa Oliver - 2012

Richard Schrad - 2011

Richard Crayne - 2010

Mike Van Milligen - 2009


Judy Slezak - 2008


Decker Ploehn - 2007


William F. Sueppel - 2006


Dennis Henderson - 2005


Jeff Schott - 2004


Tim Zisoff - 2003


Jeff Kooistra - 2002


Paul Wenbert - 2001


Tim Moerman - 1999


Bob Hays - 1998


Bob Kindred - 1996


Steve Schainker - 1994


Pat Callahan - 1993


Bob Layton - 1992


Tim Shields - 1990


Clarence Krepps - 1989