About the Manager of the Year Award and Winners


IaCMA’s Annual Manager of the Year Award honors chief administrators whose accomplishments and superior work performance represent the best possible application of management principles and who’s creative contributions to professional local government management increases public awareness of the value of professional management to the quality of life in our communities. 



  • To be considered for the Manager of the Year Award, the chief administrator must be a full (voting) IaCMA member. 
  • Candidate must be employed as the chief appointed administrative officer in a municipality. 
  • Candidate must have overall management responsibility and be appointed or confirmed by the legislative body, the elected chief executive and/or the chief appointed administrative officer.

Manager of the Year Award Winners


Chris Nosbisch - 2023


Steve Diers - 2022

Jim Sanders - 2021

Kim Downs - 2020

Matt Mardesen - 2019


Michael Schrock - 2018 

Aaron Burnett - 2017


Jeff Pomeranz - 2016

Jessica Kinser - 2015

Elizabeth Hansen - 2014

Jim Ferneau - 2013

Tom Brownlow - 2012

Bill Daily - 2011

Jeff Mark - 2010

Carol Ann Diekema - 2009


Jim Prosser - 2008


Mike Van Milligen - 2007