Senior Advisors

    IaCMA is currently seeking additional senior advisors to help cover the state. Please contact Mickey Shields ( if you are interested in serving or have a recommendation for a potential advisor.


Commonly Asked Questions/Guidance

  • I’ve been asked to resign at next week’s council meeting. Should I resign on that short notice, or should I do something else before submitting my resignation?

  • I have a written agreement with minimal severance provisions, but should I try to get more benefits than those provided in the written agreement if I’m forced to resign?

  • I’ve been asked to resign. Should I retain an attorney to represent me in the severance negations?

  • Does a City Council usually tell the manager or administrator why the Council is asking for their resignation?

  • Where can I receive information about improving council-manager-administrator relations?

  • I have a department head who will not make “tough” personnel decisions but wants me to make those decisions for him. Any suggestions?

  • How can the City Council go about hiring an “interim” manager or administrator?

  • We’re a small community and aren’t able to fund hiring an executive search firm. Would you tell us how we can go about the manager/administrator recruitment/selection process on our own?

  • How long should I stay as an assistant before applying for manager/administrative jobs?

  • Would you review my resume and suggest changes?

  • My City Council gets too involved in day-to-day operations. Any suggestions?

  • Would you be willing to meet with me to talk about my career?
For more information or inquiries, please call the Iowa City/County Management Association (c/o Iowa League of Cities, Mickey Shields, at (515) 244-7282 or email: